A Tale of Two Hearts


The vision and story for Two Hearted Queen is a tale, unsurprisingly, of two hearts. Cassandra Andrewson had just been hired at the coffee shop at which Cely Garcia enjoyed a seven year career. For Cassandra, the decision to become a barista was merely a stepping stone in the pursuit of one day opening her own coffeehouse. In the meantime, Cely had been crafting an extensive plan for the coffee company of her own dreams.

A few days after their first encounter, the chemistry between the two became evident, and within a month, each found themselves in love with the other. Over the following year, their individual dreams organically merged into one and they began sharing ideas, strategizing, and developing a plan to manifest their vision.

Two Hearted Queen is a quest much bigger than coffee. The seed of Cely and Cassandra’s dream goes to the origin of the bean: they seek to create coffee farms with sustainable infrastructure. A place where the most passionate farmers could work without worrying about their livelihood, their children’s education, or where to go if they got sick. This coffee house is intended to fund land ownership in coffee country to begin work on a community system of people who can farm the land while sustaining their families. As the development grows, Two Hearted Queen seeks to institute other community needs such as homes, schools, and clinics. This heart serves the community of coffee-growers.

The other heart serves the community of coffee-drinkers. Each Two Hearted Queen location seeks to dual as a community center for all ages that brings neighbors together, cultivates fellowship, and is a place that makes people feel less like customers and more like family.

The very journey to an opening has become a representation of the concept that inspired Two Hearted Queen's namesake — the union of two or more individuals, fueled by a common dream, who go on to find themselves in the midst of a much more magnificent community than they could have ever imagined on their own.